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#32 August 15, 2018
Publisher: Judith Briles

Practical Publishing Advice and Guidance for Authors

In This Issue

1.   Updates on The AuthorYOU Extravaganza! … Breaking News: Over 50% are first-timers.

2.   More great tools that are no-brainers … easy peasy images

3.   Hot podcasts for the month coming … always a variety

4.   Webinars slated for Summertime … more are slated

5.   Question of the Week … I don’t want to market anymore …

     6. Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week …   they know why they did it.

This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s Roof:

Hello and Good Publishing Day to all of you.

WHEW! We are now one week out from the Extravaganza. Notices from suppliers have been received that the conference bags and neck wallets have been sent. Meals are all ordered. Room setups approved. Speakers have booked flights.  I’m jazzed.

I'm looking forward (along with 275 other registrants) to the all-new webinar Richard Rieman will present at 5 PM Mountain time today. If you can't attend live, register anyway--you will receive the replay tomorrow. Details below.

Oh my … we had 470 registrants for the killer webinar I did on my new book, How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech with Daniel Hall last week. And the "surprise" I offered to anyone who decided to get a print or ebook version via Amazon was that they would email me they're confirmed, and I sent back a Word document of the speaking contract that I originally paid close to $1,000 of my business attorney to create years ago.

Over the years, it had a few morphings to bring it where it is today. The same contract that I dissect in Chapter 14 of the book – actual words, and then my reason why they are there. As one buyer of the book who Skype me to say, "This alone is gold." Love it.

If you want a view—it runs 90 minutes … worth every second of your time. The link is below under Webinar Replays. 

I’m doing a Facebook Live with John Kremer on Friday. Join us at Noon Mountain time. I have a long history with John—we have both spoke at conferences throughout the years; he will be with Kathy Meis and me at the Extravaganza for the Advanced Book Marketing workshop, and is one of the ace perennial faculty members of the 2019 Publishing at Sea.

Onward, it’s a busy week. And remember:
MEET me when I’m on the road. I took a deep breath, got out the credit card and booked all the airfare for the rest of the year. I’m looking forward to meeting new Michigan authors at the Booktoberfest in Dexter, MI on September 8 sponsored by Thomson Shore. Looking forward to a "girlfriends" gathering in Canon Beach, Oregon—hello Mexican Dominoes, Rummikub and lots of cooking for five fun days the next week and then back to Alaska later in the month I’ve already had Alaskan authors reach out to me this past week, setting up appointments for when I’m in Anchorage, AK September 20-22; a private writing retreat in Ft. Lauderdale and and then at the end of the month, the Florida authors in Altamonte Springs, Florida October 18-20. It’s a busy fall coming.

You can pick my brain … minimum time is 30 minutes.
If you need one-on-one-time with me, I’m always open for a few minutes to give you some quick input. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, many call and expect far more than a few minutes. This is called a "consult" and I would be delighted to schedule time with you for "just you and your many questions" that need answers. You can book time with me it at:

Author Friendly Friday this week …

It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And, I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition. It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Skype.
This is how each call starts: I share a few strategies, tips and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. Definitely an excellent way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

And, wait, there’s more. We have all new webinars set up for August and September. Details below.

Here’s the link to take advantage of it and subscribe

Yikes … it’s all happening next week!
In just 8 Days away

Breaking News … I love new faces and meeting new friends and authors … over 50% of our attendees are first timers—

We are doing a session of Foreign Rights on Friday with literary agent Jeff Herman this year. Foreign rights are like "mailbox money" … not much work on the author’s part to create them—just have a book that is viable and pitchable to foreign markets. It’s a huge kudo when you start to land them. Learn how to and Jeff and his team may be just what you are looking for. You can pitch onsite to agents Jeff and Deborah Herman plus they will head up a Rounds with the Pros table on Friday night before dinner and our entertainment with Comedy Club regular Chris Voth.

Hybrid publishing is one of the buzz phrases that has popped since last year. Make sure you meet and talk with Karen Strauss at the Extravaganza. With a huge pedigree in publishing—she was a key person at Random House and worked with NY Times authors, such as Martha Stewart and George Will—her Hybrid Global Publishing could be the crossover window you are looking for. Karen will be an exhibitor as well as heading one of the tables at Rounds with the Pros.

NOTE – we are at 9,000 feet. Drink plenty of water. It’s cooler in the mountains, bring a wrap and a sweater. And, there’s a probability of some rain.

Check out the full Agenda:

The Question is: will you?

More Great Tools

Love this Tip and Tool from Publicity Hound Joan Stewart: how to create sizzling Instagram captions.

Why should you care? Simply this: images are eyeball gatherers. And, Instagram is hot, hot, hot for creating your visibility, expanding your influence and catching book buyers along the way.  

Instagram displays your posts in a user’s feed based on the likelihood that your followers will be interested in the content.
That means a photo or video with many comments and Likes has a better chance of appearing at or near the top of your follower’s home streams. Here are four ways to write better captions that will prompt followers to respond to your posts, courtesy of Michael Aynsley, who manages Hootsuite’s inbound marketing team:

- Consider length. People scroll through their feeds quickly. When in doubt, keep the caption short.

- Don’t be afraid to use an emoji to add personality to your caption.

- Place the most important words at the beginning of your caption. Put any @mentions or hashtags at the end.

- Ask a question. It’s an easy way to generate more comments. It could be a yes or no question, a skill-testing question or an open-ended question.

Joan’s final to do: Read seven more tips and see lots of examples of enticing Instagram posts from brands that do the best in Michael’s article "How to Write the Best Instagram Captions: Ideas, Tips, and Strategy."  #Instagram #InstagramTips

P.S. Joan will be doing two presentations at the Extravaganza.

Hot podcasts slated for May - August
· Discovering the Anatomy of Fiction Writing with Barb Wilson
· Principles of Publishing Success with Karen Strauss
· How to Propel Your Book Launch with Kimberley Grabas
· Get Heard and Seen PR for Authors with Sandy Lawrence
· Insider Tips on How to Market Author as Speaker to Meeting Planners with Tonya Hoffman


· Revising and Repurposing What You’ve Already Done with Anne Janzer 
· Discover the Power of StoryRocket with Ana Benitez
· Tips for Authors and Writers to Keep the IRS Beast Away with Abby Eisenkraft

· Discover the Latest Strategies for Advanced Book Marketing with John Kremer

· Are You Branding You … Really? with Kathy Meis

Here’s the master link for iTunes:

And, if you have listened, support our podcast and post a review. Thank you!

More Webinars are coming … more Webinars are coming

TODAY- AUGUST 15: 4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET p.m.

How to Create a Caviar Audiobook on a Tuna Fish Budget

Did you know that audiobook sales revenue is up 32% so far for the year 2018? Do you have an audiobook to take advantage of this growing market?
Don't miss this opportunity to join the Audiobook Revolution!


Find out:

  • What's brand new in the audiobook world
  • The new audiobook creation competition for Amazon and Audible
  • How to independently publish your audiobook yourself or with help
  • How authors can make more from their audiobooks than their eBooks
  • The key steps to set your audiobook up for success
  • Planning your next audiobook (key decisions)

You can have an audiobook version of your book created (with help!) for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. Here's how!


YES, there will be a REPLAY. Please register to make sure you get it if you can’t attend live.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018. Time: 4T, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET

: 4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET p.m.

Get ready to swoon when you discover TipGraphics and how to do them. Who else but Book Marketing Experts John Kremer would know everything you need to know about Pinterest and didn't know what (or when) to ask to lead a session on soaring your book sales using this global platform? Really … who else!

Along with Daniel Hall, they will reveal why:

- Pinterest continues to be a great way to drive free traffic to any book listing or offer you have.

- How marketing legend John Kremer uses Pinterest to consistently generate traffic for free.

- How to create the secret sauce that TipGraphics will deliver.

Definitely be here ... The session will be recorded and you will be sent the replay--whether you attend live or can't--we will send it out. And ALL your questions will be answered.

In September, Karen Strauss will reveal the ins and outs of Hybrid Publishing will be joining me. Details will be posted later this month. And then the fall is on its way.

August 8 - Discover and Use the Cash Cow 2-Step to Sell More Books without Using Social Media and Paid Advertising
Yup, you read it right: sell more books … lots more books … without the pressure of social media or any paid advertising. How cool is that?

Get ready for a VERY HIGH CONTENT informational webinar on how to sell mega cases of books without paying for advertising and engaging in social media mania. It’s all about the Speaking Cash Cow 2-Step for Authors: your words and your mouth. Listen in now … it will go away on Tuesday, August 14:

· Why you should be speaking on your book and expertise.
· How to structure any presentation that connects with attendees.
· How to support your key points and engage any audience.
· What you need NOW on your website that every meeting planner is looking for.
· Use a game-changing snail mail marketing tip.
· How to make money.
·  And of course, much more.
If that sounds like it’s a fit, then get ready to tune in, turn on and drop out for a bit. I’ve got plenty for you.

Here’s the replay:

July 25 Pop Up with Publishing Power Tips

Would you like to have 30++ Awesome and Hot Publishing Ahas and Tips from seven amazing publishing pros: John Kremer, Daniel Hall, Kathy Meis, Rebecca Finkel, Kelly Johnson, Ashlee Bratton and yours truly. Plus, we always throw in a few more that you won't want to miss!

I bet you do! Here’s the replay:

Don't bother to pop the popcorn—you won't have time to eat it--you will be taking notes like crazy!

June 19th
One of the highest content webinars I've had – here’s the replay If you're tired of webinars that are all hype and no substance, then you'll be thrilled with the one I just did with Tom Antion. He promised high content that was immediately usable and WOWSA, did he deliver! And we had fun to boot!

Here's what one attendee said:

"This is the best and the most fun webinar I've ever been on and I've been on a lot of them."

Count me in as, "Me too."

The replay is ready right now and I suggest you jump on it immediately because the info Tom presented can increase your business dramatically and quickly. I loved, LOVED the idea he rolled out on making big bucks with PDFs. Immediately, I called out live to three individuals who were attendees ideas that they could do—like in tomorrow—to create a fast, no-brainer, easy-peasy push out to their fans and email contacts. I’ll bet when you hear them on the replay, you will also say, "Hey, me too."

And the magic website to pick up all the elements he revealed is:

Go for it …

Questions of the Week:

Question: I’m tired of marketing my books. Is it OK to stop?

My answer: Sure … as long as it’s okay with you that any book sales you have dry up and disappear. It’s your choice, you choose.

Book Shepherd "Fun" or an "Uh-Oh" of the Week

Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a sip of tea … and back to work—perfect. Oh yes … they know when "they did it.

That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?

About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd

Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd
has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements. What’s her pet peeve? Two words: publishing predators.

She hosts the podcast AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing that generates over 100,000 downloads a month. Her website is www.TheBookShepherd, email: and phone: 303-885-2207.

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