Book Marketing and Publishing Tips for Authors–

eZine Issue #177 – May 26, 2021
Publisher: Judith Briles

Practical Publishing Advice and Guidance for Authors

In This Issue

1. Author Tools ... Re-Discover Amazon’s Author Central

2. AuthorYOU VIP Member Benefit … Meet Fixional

3. AuthorYOU First Saturday in June… Working with Bookstores

4. Dr. Judith Briles’ Unplugged Experiences … Speaking Unplugged in   June … Live and in Person!

5. AuthorYOU Salons … June through August

    6. Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign in July is open for registration

   7. Hot podcasts for May … Add to your calendar and listen   

8. Question of the Week … Help … How do I escape Balboa Press?

9. Book Shepherd “Fun” of the Week … Grumpy isn’t what you see

This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s Roof
Hello and Good Publishing Day to YOU …
I’m wondering … and would like feedback from the members of AuthorYOU – those who regularly have attended the in-person Salons held in my home on a Saturday AM. Should we … or shouldn’t we go LIVE and IN PERSON? Is it a Yes or a No? If a Yes, my condition is that anyone attending must have been fully vaccinated.

The slated date is Saturday, June 12th. My home is in the Denver Metro area. If you are a possible participant … meaning you live in Colorado or will be visiting, please email today with your thoughts—is it a “yes” or a “no”. in subject line: AuthorYou Salons

I’m noodling a summer author BBQ on the deck and in my backyard. Watch for the date to be announced … and this condition: you must have had your covid vaccination. No exceptions.

Bravo to author Laurie Weiss for her successful Amazon campaign–nabbing 9 solid #1 categories from the get-go Thursday am though Saturday for her newest book, Embrace Prosperty, co-authored with Willem Lammers.

Finally … a little sunshine came our way –which is a giant magnet for me. The upper deck is done—the front porch rails are replaced and new lights in; several plants potted … leaving the lower gardens to draw me in. Yesterday, I got the veggie garden in along with hanging baskets and new lighting for the pathway. Water has been turned back on and the sprinklers have been checked and replaced where needed. Next on the list is new mulch everywhere; flagstone along the house; and the removal of one of the aspens that didn’t make it through the winter.

I’m so ready for summer to land and stick for a few months. Mornings outside; lunch and dinner on the deck—perfect for this California transplant that arrived 32 years ago. Welcome summer, please.

Speaking of speaking, the early bird registration is “live” for my IN PERSON Speaking Unplugged slated for June 25-26 here in the beautiful city of Denver. No snow. Sunshine. Learning to sell and pitching your book without traditional in your face pitching. Making money. Having fun. Who will be joining me?
And, it’s a go … Go … GO … come join me live (as in “in person)  in Denver June 25-26 for my two-day Speaking Unplugged event. You must have had your COVID vaccine. Space is very limited. Early Bird registration ends May 31st. Details below. You coming?
And... watch for announcements about the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame. After mega hours with the Nominating Committee members since mid-March, the list was narrowed down and the 2021 Inductees identified. We are enormously excited … I think you will be when they are formally announced, too. Put September 18th on your calendars.

That’s my week … how’s yours?
Have you ever explored the network website where I store all my podcasts? Holy Moly … over 7 million downloads of various podcasts already. Fun watching the download numbers—something that I look at each morning with my hot mug of tea.
Last week, it was all about getting your book into bookstores with the Tattered Cover’s author contact Daron Mueller. This week, Philippa Burgess joins me for a deep dive into building collaborative author strategies and relationships

You can select which podcast is for you from over 350 shows and 7,000,000 total downloads since the show started … the latest will always be posted on top of the show page: it goes directly to the Show Page, where you can view all podcasts at once—just scroll … you’ve got a lot to pick from to expand your learning and how to curve.

Add these to your calendar now. Details will all be posted under the Events tab on the website.

AuthorYOU members the June second Saturday AuthorYOU Salons of the year is slated for June 12th WILL BE VIRTUAL, Zoom online. It starts at 9.00 a.m., ending at 11.30 a.m. This is where the ONLY agenda is YOU … you bring questions … ands get answers.

Held via Zoom, a special email blast will be sent to AuthorYOU members … it’s a day-by-day scenario in a COVID world. BRING YOUR QUESTIONS—see you there.

I love mentoring authors, their books, and supporting their vision. If you want intense, one-on-one time with me over a several month time frame PLUS the ability to call me or email with a quick response, join my Mentor Program. There is 2 spots opening in May —if you want an accelerated six months that deals with your infrastructure; your influence building; your what? … this may be the missing ingredient in your mix.

Want tips for authoring and Publishing? Last week’s podcast was all about alternative book sales—premium and bulk for your book, to support your book and book marketing forward! Make sure you have paper and pen out … and ready to click on your computer fast.

Author Tools … Re-Discover Amazon’s Author Central
Showcase multiple books – Amazon Author Central

Author Central has had a complete make over –new look—new features—it’s time to explore it. AND … every author who has a book available via the Amazon portal, should make a commitment to revisit and update their Author Central page … and if you don’t have one—then it’s a must do in the next 48 hours.

Think of it as having your own mini website on Amazon where all your work can be displayed. Book titles, connecting to your blog; have an event calendar; sharing a detailed About YOU—and all in one place. Other features include sales and trends tracking, help for questions and answers on book publishing, changing your book categories … even talking to a live person in minutes. How cool is that? Whether you are publishing your first book or continuing a series this is the best place to get seen by your brand audience. It’s a must have for any author. Log into your page and explore. Start here:
OneLook sifts through over 19 million words and 1,000 online dictionaries, then indexes the results in their own search engine. You want this in your writing toolbox. Free: 

Meet Fixional for fiction authors
Pierce Gaynor

Don’t let your writing slip through the cracks. Discover the tool that delivers an editor and AI at your fingertips. is ready to be unwrapped for you the author, and your manuscript’s pleasure.

· Are you ready to discover the potential copy and line edits and how original your manuscript is? How would you like to have an editor a click away 24/7? You can and minimal dollars!

· Then get set to learn about a hot new website for authors and writers that recommends improvements to the manuscript as comments specific to each work that is analyzed and evaluated. All comments are available for download in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.

Fixional is an editorial tool that evaluates clarity, originality, and in writing. It integrates artificial intelligence with your working manuscript and identifies cliches, over usage of words and phrases, even if your writing style changes—common when an author works on and off over a span of time—including years!

Think of Fixional as an author’s and writers new best friend that provides both a high-level overview as well as granular feedback, Fixional’s corrections, suggestions, and insights can help you hone your craft and your manuscript.
Fixional is thrilled to offer AuthorYOU members 20% off monthly and annual fees.

Check out the “how it works” here:

AuthorYOU First Saturday program … Working with Bookstores
June 5, 2021 – Get registered Early bird ends June 1st

Authoring and publishing a book is a major event. And accomplishment. Your local bookstore could be the door opener at the beginning of the process; during; and post when you have book in hand. Do you know what steps to take in engaging a bookseller … what specific questions you should ask … plus what exactly you should be giving one about you and your book?

Start with Pre and During book development including what to do 3 to 6 months prior to publication:

·Why you should attend store events.

· Ideas on building your support community.

· Items you should be doing online.

· What to include on your website.

· How to reach out to a distributor.

· Tips on bold spine design that gets attention.

· Building your social platforms.

Then when you have a Printed book:

· Must have elements to include on your Book Sell Sheet.

· Why blurbs are the next best thing to word-of-mouth buzz.

· How often to follow-up with a bookseller.

· When to set up a book event.

WHEN: Saturday, June 5
TIME: 9 am Mountain
WHERE: Your computer via Zoom
COST: $25 members, $35 nonmembers. Prices increase $10 on Tuesday, June 2

Register for Unplugged Experiences Now! Speaking in JUNE in Denver-Live …
Early Bird ENDS in 5 Days
Speaking Unplugged Sessions in 2021:
June 25-26
Register for Early Bird
All attendees must have had COVID vaccine.
Would you like to know-how powerful you, your book, and experiences are and how they can influence and change others one word at a time? Would you like to turn your book, your ideas, your mouth into a business that creates a lifestyle woven with travel, fun, global friends, and financial success?

You can with the smart and savvy strategies, you will reveal in this interactive and fun intensive workshop. With over 35 years of speaking on the platform, Dr. Judith Briles will show you how to become a successful professional speaker … a speaker that will soar your book sales. Since the 80s, speaking has been her #1 way to sell books … over 1,000,000 of them!

Would you like to turn the book you have or are creating into a money machine that cements your expertise and authoring success?

Would you be willing to trade just TWO days to get all the how-to and strategies from someone who spent over 35 years on the speaking platform … someone who generated more than $5,000,000 in combined speaking fees and book sales that will be generated directly from speaking gigs? You can …

           June 25-26 will change your authoring life in Denver, CO

Are you ready to create the speech that will get you booked and re-booked … get the answers to the questions you have … all of them? Judith is the master book publishing coach and guide.

Reserve Your Spot NOW
for 2 Colorful Brain-Jammed Days, including meals.

Details on site under “Experiences”

AuthorYOU Salons … register through August online only

FORWARD … Salons are a Free benefit for VIP AuthorYOU members.
If you have book marketing, writing, publishing questions, show up. It’s online on the second Saturday beginning at 9 am Mountain time. Here’s the link to register and getting notices/reminders forward:

Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign in May is SOLD OUT. The July 2021 … for Your bestseller course in 4 weeks – Starts Wednesday, July 7th
If you want a FUN, INFORMATIVE, HOW TO 90 minutes on one-on-one time during each session for book marketing and best seller position, this is what you want to do.

There are 23 steps in your journey … a journey where you could pay someone to travel and implement for you … or one where you can roll up your sleeves and learn how to create, implement, and execute. As in DIY.

The Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign for Your eBook Online course is the latest. I will take you through each step during the four weeks. When you complete #17, you are ready to execute.

My goal is for you to have all components for your campaign DONE before your implementation/execution day. All social media tease pushouts done and scheduled before the big day starts—and I help you write each one of them!

Dates: WEDNESDAYs at 4 pm MT for each 90-minute session:
July 7, 14, 21, 28


Hot podcasts slated for this month
You can always listen in via our websites:  (click on the On the Air image on the Home page—wait for it to upload. Or (click on the Resources tab).

MAY 6  How to Create VideoBooks for ChildrenRichard Rieman

MAY 13  How to Get Your Books into Schools –  Jane Wood

May 20  Key Questions to Ask Any Book SellerDaron Mueller

MAY 27  Creating Collaborative Partnerships – Philippa Burgess

Questions of the Week:

Question: Help … How do I escape Balboa Press?

Answer: Outside of Author House, Author Solutions, iUniverse, and Xlibris, the biggest complaints I’ve received are seeded from Balboa Press and Hay House. But why is that a surprise—they are all connected under the Author Solution umbrella. AuthorYOU has forewarned authors for years to stay away from Balboa Press and others like it. In the LinkedIN AuthorYOU group with 18,000 members, a question was posed about the integrity of Balboa Press that generated over 400 comments and countless horror stories.

Dig out your original contract. What was the promise? Was it met? If not, immediately write—send it certified—to terminate your contract as of the date you send it for “misrepresentation” and that you are taking back all print and digital rights. Include the title. If there are moneys involved—as in additional moneys you owe or money is owed to you, it needs to be dealt with. You may need to get an intellectual property attorney involved.

Get your book back. Get it birthed. Support it so you and it can go forward.

Book Shepherd “Fun” or an “Uh-Oh” of the Week

Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a learn something new, and a sip of tea … and back to work—perfect. Cat with Grumpiest face is actually the sweetest

Get your copy today – Available in Print, eBook, Audiobook
You can pick my brain … minimum time is 30 minutes. If you need one-on-one-time with me, I’m always open for a few minutes to give you some quick input. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, many call and expect far more than a few minutes.

This is called a “consult” and I would be delighted to schedule time with you for “just you and your many questions” that need answers. You can book time with me it at:

Author Friendly Friday this week …

Join Author Friendly Fridays: a fun, sharing and a dynamic closed group. You can join in the next week. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And, I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition.

It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Zoom.

This is how each call starts: I share a few strategies, tips and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. Definitely an excellent way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

Here’s the link to take advantage of it and subscribe:  

Podcast expands to 11 networks … Follow us and learn …
new shows every Thursday.

GO to the SHOW page and select which podcast is for you… the latest will always be posted on top:

And, if you have listened, support our podcast and post a review. Thank you!

The AuthorU – Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast is now heard on eleven podcast channels. How cool is that? Listeners can tune into the weekly (always new – no repeats) show on:
Get the latest #AuthorU-Your Guide to #Book #Publishing radio podcast with @MyBookShepherd via iTunes here:

That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?
About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd

Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd
has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements. What’s her pet peeve? Two words: publishing predators.

She hosts the podcast AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing that generates over 100,000 downloads a month. Her website is www.TheBookShepherd, email: and phone: 303-885-2207.


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