Book Marketing and Publishing Tips for Authors–

eZine Issue #68 April 23, 2019
Publisher: Judith Briles

Practical Publishing Advice and Guidance for Authors

In This Issue
1.   From the Blogs … how is your author visibility doing?

2.   Author Tools … Pinterest and Tailwinds are a magic duo

3.   Book Publishing Unplugged … June 21-22 are the dates

4.   May and June programs … a BookCamp and Book Sales Skills and free group brainstorming—be there

5.   Oh, So HOT May Webinar Series … don’t miss the power-packed May event

6.   Authors Hall of Fame … nominate an author—deadline is in May

7.   Hot podcasts for April … 4 to put on your calendar (always archived)

8. Question of the Week … My friends wants to edit my book. Should she?

9.   Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week … one goofy pooch for sure

This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s Roof:

Hello and Good Publishing Day to YOU.

I was excited early Monday AM when I looked up from writing a blog and saw my first bright yellow finch in the bare branches of my favorite tree outside my living room window.
The morning was gray, and a bit of a drizzle … but there he was on a still naked purple robe locust branch—I’m back and ready for the seed!

We had put the deck together (huge thanks to Jane Pusch for rolling up her sleeves with an "I’ll help you lay down the new rugh for the outer rug on Saturday after we worked for a few hours on her book). I am so ready to say, "Winter is gone!" Saturday night, seven of our friends enjoyed appetizers on the deck before dinner and Easter morning, John and I read the New York Times before creating the family brunch. My ideal of a great way to start the day.

Once again, I was back in the studio with the Audiobook Wizard Richard Rieman voicing my latest book to be published next month. So much has changed in the audiobook world? Are you in it? And if now, why not?

Are you using Pinterest … or planning to? Make sure you listen in to this week’s podcast. Heather Daleccio joins me for a solid hour that provides plenty of tips to get others looking at you … and connect with your website.

Want to morph your author and book life. Join me in June for two fun and deep-diving days at my annual Book Publishing Unplugged event. The dates are June 21-22. The Hotel is the Hilton Inverness (nice!). June is delightful in Denver and our classroom overlooks a small pond and golf course. Perfecto for learning, a bit of escape and spending two days with me. Space is limited. Early bird rates are on—always new info—come! Join me. Details on website

Don’t forget … it’s the Colorado Author Hall of Fame nominating time. What author(s) have made an impact on your life? What author(s) have been trailblazers in publishing? Have you explored the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame? The website is official and live. You all got an eblast on it. We are now posting social media. Blogs are being added. AND go to the site, click on the Nominate tab and NOMINATE an author—living or passed—who has a body of work that has made its mark on readers, on society, on the workplace. Words are powerful. They expand imaginations. They take you places you never thought you would go. They give answers. They make you laugh. Yes, they are powerful.

And, how was your week and what are you planning as you go forward?

JOIN the new AuthorYOU …

If you didn’t it’s a publishing boo-boo. Feedback from Saturday’s in-person gathering was excellent. Several first-timers joined immediately.

If you didn’t it’s a publishing boo-boo. Feedback from Saturday’s in-person gathering was excellent. Several first-timers joined immediately. The online NO PITCH one-hour only webinar that focused on new strategies for the New Year yesterday got "fantastic" feedback. And wait ‘til you see the bundle of goodies and discounts we are starting to post on the website for Members only. All will be up before the end of the month. Yup, it’s a good idea. Not a paid-up member?

JOIN AuthorYOU today.
And a heads up—hold the FIRST Saturday of each month for our live event meetings—

The Internet has changed a lot of the rules of yesterday ... yesteryear. It’s fast forward time ... today, it’s all about being "out there"—exposed, talked about, findable. How do people find you? And connect with you? Are you visible?
Having a marketing and sales background, it was drilled in that I had to follow my leads, track my leads and know where my business came from.

Sometimes I didn’t know … they just happened. Today, we would refer to that as being "organic"—the seeding started; the chatter picked up; sales followed.
Maybe it’s time to stop asking the question, do you know where your business is coming from? Because there isn’t a definable answer. Maybe the answer is in the response zone of "... just because." READ MORE

Author Tools – One of my crazy image favs …
I love gizmos and gadgets and discovering new tools for we authors.
Tailwind is a Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler, and Analytics Info. Tailwind's Instagram platform will save you time, organized and—best of all—and create the auto posting to Instagram at the right times and the right frequency. It is easy to use, and reviews are top-notch.

3 Would you like to turn the book you have or are creating into the book and authoring success you want? You can!
Would you be willing to trade just 2 days to get all the publishing and strategy information you need ... information and strategies that will create FREEDOM to be an awesome author? You should.

Get ready for 2 Author changing days ...
it’s Book or Bust time June 21 - 22, 2019 - Denver CO

(303) 799-5800
200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, CO 80112
Cost for Hotel is $169, and it is good through May 20th

Last 5 years sold out ... don't miss out ...

Bonus presentation includes Author Gizmos and Gadgets!

Last 5 years sold out ... don't miss out ...
Awesome authors came from everywhere ...
where will you come from?

Experience two days of Judith ... no pitches, just Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged delivering an amazing depth of publishing, authoring, and marketing information that she has derived from her 30 plus years in the publishing field and as The Book Shepherd. You'll also have a BONUS session that will deliver an intensive implementation workshop using gizmos and gadgets that are used in social media and marketing.
Kelly Johnson, my favorite Geek Girl, will join me as we unveil our personal favorites that will make your authoring life soar.

Create the bestseller you dream of ... turn into the award-winning and sought after author you aspire to ... brainstorm the crowdfunding program to fund your project ... get the answers to the questions you have ... all of them.
Judith is the master book publishing coach and guide.

Reserve Your Spot NOW
for 2 Colorful Brain-Jammed Days, including all meals.
June 21-22, 2019

· Avoid the Blunders, Bloopers, and Boo-Boos ... that even seasoned authors make.

·  Create your Unique Selling Pitch ... what will make you shine and rise above the author crowd?

·  Create an Author SWOT Analysis (ASA) just for you and your book ... it develops YOUR unique positioning.

· Create an AWESOME Author and/or Book One-Sheet ... you need one that shouts you out ... it's brag time to hook readers.

· If you are just starting down the authoring and publishing path, you will come away with a personalized strategy to create and develop your book.

  • If your book is ready to birth, you will come away with amazing steps and ahas on how to soar its official launch and develop your next steps.

  • If your book has birthed, you will come away with how-tos, re-directs and the latest and greatest in strategies to goose it about the masses who are shouting for buyer attention.

  • If your book, and you, want to create a PRE book launch that sells books and gets you noticed, you will learn how.

· Identify and Grow SuperFans that will devour everything you write and publish.

· If you want to be Pitch Perfect ... it's the way to sell your book, and few authors succeed. You will now.

·  If you want to create a fast and fun book teaser ... you will!

· If you want to look at crowdfunding ... you will learn the ins and outs of a campaign and create a dummy one just for you--even if you don't think crowdfunding is for you ... you never know! Two years ago, Ashlee Bratton paid close attention. She raised over $9,600--guess what paid for her production? Will you be next?

·  If you want to make serious money as an author ... you will come away with the "how to strategies" that are doable--not sure make-believe.

  • If you want to open your creativity channels ... you will love the exercise Judith walks everyone through.

  • If want to know tricks of the social media marketing whirlwind ... you will learn which platforms work best for which books and how to drill down into them.

  • If you are still noodling on what a Platform is, you will not only get it, but you will drill down into yours and embrace it.

  • If you haven't done a GamePlan for your book, no matter what stage it’s at, you will (or will revisit what you thought your GamePlan was) ... and discover amazing "ahas" along the way about both You and Your Book.

  • If ... what are your "IFs" ... there will be hot seats throughout. Those who are registered by May 21st not only get a discount, they will be "entered" into a drawing that will allow three attendees to take the hot seat and get immediate laser coaching. How cool is that?

  • Get Ready for the Goal Setting and Stepping Stone GamePlan that will be the game changer for your success.

  • Creating Timelines for your publishing success.

Creating a Publishing Budget that works with your money resources

Power Packed Social Media BIG 5 MAY Webinar Series
Get ready to snap, crackle and truly POP using the social media platforms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram PLUS how to get to your ideal target market. It all happens in the BIG 5 May Webinar series.

AuthorYOU will deliver on every Thursday live session beginning at 11 a.m. Mountain Time throughout May. Each will last up to 90 minutes, depending on question. This is a special PAID webinar series, not a freebie.

Put the 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 on your calendar now. If you are registered, you will get the replay. It will not be available to the public.
There are two ways to participate.
1.    Get all 5 for $100 (saving $25)
2.    Cherry pick which ones you want at a $25 each

Session 1 (up to 90 Minutes):

How to Identify & Connect with Your Target Market Using Social Media

In this interactive 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will conduct exercises that will help you gain clarity on your target market, how to locate that target market on the internet through strategic keyword research, and use the top social media platforms to increase brand awareness and book sales.

Session 2 (up to 90 Minutes):

How to Strategically Use Facebook Business Pages to Increase Reach & Engagement

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert you will learn the most effective ways to post, when to post and what to post to gain massive exposure and community engagement.  In addition, you will learn powerful action-steps that will help you connect with strategic referral partners and find relevant content for your community using your Facebook business page.

Session 3 (up to 90 Minutes):

How to Gain Followers & Increase Brand Awareness Through Your Instagram Business Page

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert you will learn the most effective ways to use your Instagram business page to increase followers through business page optimization, strategic use of hashtags, images and call to actions.

Session 4 (up to 90 Minutes):

How to Maximize Your Use of LinkedIN

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert you will learn the importance of being found by the right LinkedIn contacts and finding the right LinkedIn contacts to establish powerful connections that will increase your sales force.

Session 5 (up to 90  Minutes):

How to Strategically Use Twitter to Gain Brand Awareness and Book Sales

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert you will learn Twitter tips & tricks that will help you strategically manage your twitter account to connect with the influencers and your target market.

Registration is on the website under Events.

AuthorYOU Programs – May and June

AuthorYOU MAY program … How to Soar Your Book Sales—including Pre and Ones that Are Limping Along!  May 4th in the Afternoon

What author doesn’t want more book sales? If you don’t, take a pass on May’s AFTERNOON AuthorYOU program. If that’s a "YES – YES … are you kidding me?" response, get registered for May’s program presented by a master of negotiating and sales techniques and strategies.

At AuthorYOU’s May program … we are going to:

· Fuel your sales juices … and dive into the First and Second Laws of Sales.

· Transition from limping along to wowsa … just the words you will use will change the response from a potential buyer to a definite buyer.

· Intro yourself in a different way … are you blah boring, need a tune-up, say what you say with a twist?

· Get results … dump what’s not working to what will.

Date: Saturday, May 4th


… Hop on the Ultimate Book Marketing from Concept to Craft Creation to Completion  …
Saturday, June 1

Our AuthorYOU said that it was marketing help you needed the most attention. WE read the results. We heard you. And we are going to should out marketing tips throughout the year—some of our meetings are dedicated to marketing only. Others open other realms. Show up. We will reveal the "why" and uncover the "how to".

YES – YES … this is an OH SO YES for authors!  We are going to show you how to juice up your creative Juices. Young kids have regular craft time in school. AuthorYOU’s June program is a type of Mini-BookCamp … we are going to:

·   Fuel your creative juices … even when you thought you were on the low side of the awesomeness scale.

·   Transition from Blah to WOW … yes, you will with our guidance during the morning.

·   Create quality posters … you will come away with several that will enhance your book marketing.

· Have fun … discovering new ways to shout you and your book out with more flash and flare is fun!

This is a BRING your laptop day-a must. This is a day that you need immediate access to the jpg of your book cover. This is a day that you will come away with a variety of visuals and images that you can instantly start sharing within your social media platforms; within your blogs to be; within personal emails … your imagination is your "within" …

Date: Saturday, June 1

: Smokey Hill Library from 9 to 12.30 p.m.


Nominate an Author to the Hall of Fame …
do a "like" and support the power of literacy … have you yet? Don’t delay!
Discover the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame. Just launched, it’s ready to celebrate and honor the legacy of authors connected with Colorado.

What authors, you might say or think? And how do they need to be connected? Good questions, here’s how:

·  Authors who have been born in Colorado;
·  Authors who lived at one time in Colorado;
·  Authors who came and come to Colorado as a muse and backdrop to create work;
·  Authors who write about Colorado; and
·  Authors who use Colorado locations as props within their work.

Yes,  authors who have made a difference to millions of readers with revelations, insights, solutions, and amazing storytelling. The Hall wants to ensure that their insight and visionary achievements will not be forgotten.

Effective this month, the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame is officially ALIVE via its website. Nominations are now OPEN for the first class of Inductees during the summer of 2019. All genres welcome!

The mission of the Hall is to: honor and promote the works of outstanding published authors from all genres and generations to ensure their legacies will not be lost.

The Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing and preserving the history about the accomplishments of past and present authors who have created and published books. Both historical and contemporary authors who have shared their words of wisdom, encouragement, and entertainment are celebrated.

Explore our website:

Nominate an Author Who Has Made a Difference

·  Support the Hall by shouting out to others who love "words" and "books." 
· Support it by nominating candidates for the 2019 Induction.
· Support it by attending the bi-annual Induction ceremony;
· Support it by telling others across Colorado.

We will start a funding program as the year progresses. A HUGE thank you to Nick Zelinger for designing our logo and to Michelle Renee for creating our website.


Hot podcasts slated for this month
You can always listen in via our websites:  (click on the "On the Air" image on the Home page—wait for it to upload. Or (click on the Resources tab).
· Social Media Part I with Melody Jones
· Social Media Part II with Melody Jones
· Writing Productivity with Dianna Booher
· Pinterest Savvy Strategies with Heather  Daleccio
Questions of the Week:

Question: My friend will be the final editor for my book. Should I let her?

Answer: : Oh boy, this happens more times than I can. Question back: does your friend do book editing for a living? Does she have expertise in your genre? If the answer is "yes" to both, it might work. Otherwise—NO. Do not get in this lane.

Book Shepherd "Fun" or an "Uh-Oh" of the Week

Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a sip of tea … What fun … a goofy dog with a huge personality!

Get your copy today – Available in Print, eBook, Audiobook

I Love giving away free stuff to—if you've never bought an audiobook via Amazon—my newest book is free to you NOW-grab it with this special link for anyone who hasn’t subscribed to Audible via Amazon HERE:

wait, Wait, WAIT—there’s more: grab your bonuses by emailing a copy of your receipt after you invest for your speaking success when you purchase my print book, eBook or audiobook.

Buy one book and get:

#1 the Word document of my Speaking Contract/Agreement featured in Chapter 14

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#1, #2, and #3: one hour of my consulting time (value $475) when you purchase 10 print copies  (1 for you; 9 for gifts or giveaways)

Join me on MONDAYS at Noon Mountain Time for Facebook Live with Live at Noon with Judith Briles – The Book Shepherd. For me, it’s a shorty—always less than 30 minutes. Grab an early lunch (or a late one) and get the latest in publishing tips, author strategies, and book marketing goosing ideas. Most times, it will be just me. Sometimes, I will have a guest—someone within my team of publishing pros that I work with and refer my clients to.

Here's how to join in: you will find it on the Judith Briles - Publishing with The Book Shepherd group or on my Time Line—I never know where it will land. If it’s within the Publishing with The Book Shepherd group ... it's a "closed group" meaning that you have to join it to participate.

JOIN here:
I’ll post an announcement on various Facebook pages in the early AM and then again 30 minutes before we start.

You can pick my brain … minimum time is 30 minutes. If you need one-on-one-time with me, I’m always open for a few minutes to give you some quick input. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, many call and expect far more than a few minutes.

This is called a "consult" and I would be delighted to schedule time with you for "just you and your many questions" that need answers. You can book time with me it at:

Author Friendly Friday this week …

Join Author Friendly Fridays: a fun, sharing and a dynamic closed group. You can join in the next week. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And, I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition.

It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Zoom.

This is how each call starts: I share a few strategies, tips and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. Definitely an excellent way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

Here’s the link to take advantage of it and subscribe:  

Podcast expands to 7 networks … Follow us and learn … new shows every Thursday.

Here’s the master link for iTunes:

And, if you have listened, support our podcast and post a review. Thank you!

The AuthorYOU – Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast is now heard on SEVEN podcast channels. How cool is that? Listeners can tune into the weekly (always new – no repeats) show on:

Get the latest #AuthorU-Your Guide to #Book #Publishing radio podcast with @MyBookShepherd via iTunes here:

That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?
About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd

Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd
has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements. What’s her pet peeve? Two words: publishing predators.

She hosts the podcast AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing that generates over 100,000 downloads a month. Her website is www.TheBookShepherd, email: and phone: 303-885-2207.

The Book Shepherd

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