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#33 August 21, 2018
Publisher: Judith Briles

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In This Issue

1.  Updates on The AuthorYOU Extravaganza! … See you all tomorrow!

2. More great tools that are no-brainers … reminder about website and blog compliance

3.  Hot podcasts for the month coming … always a variety

4.  Webinars slated for Summertime … more are slated

5.  Question of the Week … is there a book agent in your midst?

     6. Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week …

This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s Roof:

Hello and Good Publishing Day to all of you.

I’m heading to Breckenridge Wednesday—actually a car van—loaded up and ready to go. Those of you who aren’t attending this year—you will be missed. Especially since this is it—the grand finale—last one as they’ve rolled out in the past. Breckenridge is the perfect setting. The mountains are beautiful. The Aspens are starting their color change. A perfect curtain as fall begins to let us know it is around the calendar corner.

I’ve had so many emails about getting the word document of my speaking contract that is included in my latest book, How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech. All you need to do is to get a print or ebook version via Amazon–email me you're confirmed, and I send back a Word document of the speaking contract that I originally paid close to $1,000 of my business attorney to create years ago. You can morph it to add your name and details. Why a contract? It sets you apart—you are a pro. It clearly sets the terms, times, and payments. It sets the stage for book sales.

Over the years, it’s had a few morphings to bring it where it is today. The same contract that I dissect in Chapter 14 of the book – actual words, and then my reason why they are there. As one buyer of the book who Skype me to say, "This alone is gold." Love it. You can watch the webinar I did early this month on the replay link below: Discover and Use the Cash Cow 2-Step to Sell More Books without Using Social Media and Paid Advertising.

Facebook Live with John Kremer happened on Friday plus we did another on Monday. You can catch the replays on my Facebook group page (now a closed one—meaning you have to ask to join … which, of course, you will be accepted—just ask). I have a long history with John—we have both spoke at conferences throughout the years; he will be with Kathy Meis and me at the Extravaganza for the Advanced Book Marketing workshop Thursday afternoon, and is one of the ace perennial faculty members of the 2019 Publishing at Sea. Join us in January.

Onward, it’s a busy week in Breckenridge. And remember:
MEET me when I’m on the road. I took a deep breath, got out the credit card and booked all the airfare for the rest of the year. I’m looking forward to meeting new Michigan authors at the Booktoberfest in Dexter, MI on September 8 sponsored by Thomson Shore. Looking forward to a "girlfriends" gathering in Canon Beach, Oregon—hello Mexican Dominoes, Rummikub and lots of cooking for five fun days the next week and then back to Alaska later in the month I’ve already had Alaskan authors reach out to me this past week, setting up appointments for when I’m in Anchorage, AK September 20-22; a private writing retreat in Ft. Lauderdale and then at the end of the month, the Florida authors in Altamonte Springs, Florida October 18-20. It’s a busy fall coming. And I look forward to being with the Nebraska Writers Guild and the Palm Springs Writers Guild who have already booked me for keynoting their conferences next year.

HOT NEWS … I’m opening up a Facebook Live every Monday:

Join me on MONDAYS at Noon Mountain Time for Facebook Live with Live at Noon with Judith Briles – The Book Shepherd. For me, it’s a shorty—always less than 30 minutes. Grab an early lunch (or a late one) and get the latest in publishing tips, author strategies, and book marketing goosing ideas. Most times, it will be just me. Sometimes, I will have a guest—someone within my team of publishing pros that I work with and refer my clients to.

Here's how to join in: you will find it on the Judith Briles - Publishing with The Book Shepherd group. Here's the deal ... it's a "closed group" meaning that you have to join it to participate. We will post an announcement on various Facebook pages in the early AM and then again 30 minutes before we start.

See you on Mondays, starting August 27th ... bring your questions. OR email them to me at before 11 AM Mountain Time and I will answer when I'm live.

You can pick my brain … minimum time is 30 minutes.
If you need one-on-one-time with me, I’m always open for a few minutes to give you some quick input. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, many call and expect far more than a few minutes. This is called a "consult" and I would be delighted to schedule time with you for "just you and your many questions" that need answers. You can book time with me it at:

Author Friendly Friday this week …

Author Friendly Friday is a "by" this week … I’m speaking during the time at the Extravaganza. Join me next week. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And, I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition. It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Skype.
is how each call starts: I share a few strategies, tips and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. Definitely an excellent way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

Here’s the link to take advantage of it and subscribe

And, what, there’s more. We have all new webinars set up for August and September. Details below.

AND … How’s your week going?

Yikes … it’s all happening this week!
just 1 Day away

Breaking News … I love new faces and meeting new friends and authors … over 50% of our attendees are first timers—

Speakers have confirmed their travel times and will be there. We have a few surprise and fun and new exhibitors this year. If you are a last minute person—and I do mean last minute—I can usually get you in… but you have got to call me now… it’s a food thing! Salmon, Chicken Picatta or Vegetarian.

NOTE – we are at 9,000 feet. Drink plenty of water. It’s cooler in the mountains, bring a wrap and a sweater. Some rain is in the forecast.

Check out the full Agenda:

The Question is:
Do you plan to show up at the last minute?
More Great Tools

This is a reminder—it was recommended in a previous edition of Book Marketing and Publishing Tips for Authors that you make sure your website and blog are in compliance with the new regs that have been generated from Europe. Meaning, if your website is available for global viewing and your blog can be read abroad, you are included. Which, in my opinion, you are. So, here’s a reminder and recap. Make sure you have a compliance notice on your website.

Whether you have a website/blog or not, you need to know about the latest website regulations recently enacted. If you have a website/blog (even in the United States), you can be fined by the European Union (EU), up to 20 million euros or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher, if you aren’t following the guidelines posted here:

If you want easier-to-read articles about this topic, click here:

The short of it is there are now stricter laws in place to protect consumer data. This EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is making sure websites and blogs that collect visitor data do so in a transparent way, and that they make it easy for website visitors to delete or remove their data.

Hot podcasts slated for May - August
· Discovering the Anatomy of Fiction Writing with Barb Wilson
· Principles of Publishing Success with Karen Strauss
· How to Propel Your Book Launch with Kimberley Grabas
· Get Heard and Seen PR for Authors with Sandy Lawrence
· Insider Tips on How to Market Author as Speaker to Meeting Planners with Tonya Hoffman


· Revising and Repurposing What You’ve Already Done with Anne Janzer 
· Discover the Power of StoryRocket with Ana Benitez
· Tips for Authors and Writers to Keep the IRS Beast Away with Abby Eisenkraft

· Discover the Latest Strategies for Advanced Book Marketing with John Kremer

· Are You Branding You … Really? with Kathy Meis

Here’s the master link for iTunes:

And, if you have listened, support our podcast and post a review. Thank you!

More Webinars are coming … more Webinars are coming

In September

Wed, Sep 5, 2018 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM MDT

Get ready to swoon when you discover TipGraphics and how to do them. Who else but Book Marketing Experts John Kremer would know everything you need to know about Pinterest and didn't know what (or when) to ask to lead a session on soaring your book sales using this global platform? Really … who else!

Along with Daniel Hall, they will reveal why:

- Pinterest continues to be a great way to drive free traffic to any book listing or offer you have.

- How marketing legend John Kremer uses Pinterest to consistently generate traffic for free.

- How to create the secret sauce that TipGraphics will deliver.

Definitely be here ... The session will be recorded and you will be sent the replay--whether you attend live or can't--we will send it out. And ALL your questions will be answered.

Karen Strauss will reveal the ins and outs of Hybrid Publishing will be joining me. Details will be posted later this month. And then the fall is on its way.

August 8 - Discover and Use the Cash Cow 2-Step to Sell More Books without Using Social Media and Paid Advertising
Yup, you read it right: sell more books … lots more books … without the pressure of social media or any paid advertising. How cool is that?

Get ready for a VERY HIGH CONTENT informational webinar on how to sell mega cases of books without paying for advertising and engaging in social media mania. It’s all about the Speaking Cash Cow 2-Step for Authors: your words and your mouth. Listen in now … it will go away on Tuesday, August 14:

· Why you should be speaking on your book and expertise.
· How to structure any presentation that connects with attendees.
· How to support your key points and engage any audience.
· What you need NOW on your website that every meeting planner is looking for.
· Use a game-changing snail mail marketing tip.
· How to make money.
·  And of course, much more.
If that sounds like it’s a fit, then get ready to tune in, turn on and drop out for a bit. I’ve got plenty for you.

Here’s the replay:

July 25 Pop Up with Publishing Power Tips

How to Create a Caviar Audiobook on a Tuna Fish Budget

Did you know that audiobook sales revenue is up 32% so far for the year 2018? Do you have an audiobook to take advantage of this growing market?

Are you doubtful as to whether creating one makes dollars and sense? Are you uncertain as to how to have one made?
Don't miss this opportunity to join the Audiobook Revolution!

Here’s the replay:

You’ll discover:

  • What's brand new in the audiobook world
  • The new audiobook creation competition for Amazon and Audible
  • How to independently publish your audiobook yourself or with help
  • How authors can make more from their audiobooks than their eBooks
  • The key steps to set your audiobook up for success
  • Planning your next audiobook (key decisions)

You can have an audiobook version of your book created (with help!) for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. Here's how!

Would you like to have 30++ Awesome and Hot Publishing Ahas and Tips from seven amazing publishing pros: John Kremer, Daniel Hall, Kathy Meis, Rebecca Finkel, Kelly Johnson, Ashlee Bratton and yours truly. Plus, we always throw in a few more that you won't want to miss!

I bet you do! Here’s the replay:

Don't bother to pop the popcorn—you won't have time to eat it--you will be taking notes like crazy!

Questions of the Week:

Question:  I’ve had several questions last week about agents—do authors need them … and if they do, where do they find them?

My answer: The real answer is—you don’t need an agent if you are publishing yourself… as in "self" or creating your own press. If your goal is to land with a traditional publisher, the answer is yes.

With that said, here is what I would do if I was on the hunt:

1. Go to the library and pick out 20 books in your genre or field that are "in the ballpark" of your own book.

2. Write down the names of the publishers for those books. Those publishers are your ideal targets. Look them up and see if you can send them a manuscript or book proposal directly (most don’t, but it’s worth a shot). If you can, make sure you follow their directions.

3. Within the Acknowledgments page, authors often thank their agents by name. Google where they are and reach out.

4. Or, look up agents who handle that genre or field. You can find them on:

Also, your library should have a copy of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents: Who They Are, What They Want, How to Win Them Over. Another excellent and just off the press book on proposals is by Jody Rein and Michael Larsen: How to Write a Book Proposal: The Insider's Step-by-Step Guide to Proposals that Get You Published.

Both agents and publishers are going to want to see an author platform (your collective total reach, including your website, social media platforms, followers, friends and professional history). Your chances will also be improved by having an amazing author story (why did you write the book, and why should anyone care). If you don’t have any of that, you’re going to need to have written the greatest damn book in the history of the world, or else nobody is going to take a risk on it. Remember, publishers and agents want a book that makes money¸ so having a good book isn’t enough. You need to be able to help them sell it. And you better have a killer marketing strategy—because no matter what publisher takes you on, you are EXPECTED to be the Chief Marketing Officer. My two bits.

Book Shepherd "Fun" or an "Uh-Oh" of the Week
Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a sip of tea … and back to work—perfect. OK—here’s the Domino thing – all 128,000 gone in a flash—and who does this stuff anyway?

That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?

About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd

Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd
has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements. What’s her pet peeve? Two words: publishing predators.

She hosts the podcast AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing that generates over 100,000 downloads a month. Her website is www.TheBookShepherd, email: and phone: 303-885-2207.

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