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eZine Issue #87 September 4, 2019
Publisher: Judith Briles

Practical Publishing Advice and Guidance for Authors

In This Issue
1.   Author Tools … have you created tip sheets?

2.   Celebrate Authors … attend the Induction for the Hall of Fame—get your tickets-updates, check out the website! Only 5 Seats left

3.   Mini Extravaganza … Publicity Palooza is 3 days away

4.   Unplugged … Book Marketing is coming in October 18-19—be there

5.   Come cruise with me … January 2020—it’s the last chance to add

6.   Hot podcasts for SEPTEMBER… 4 to put on your calendar

7.   Question of the Week … can ISBNs be reused?

8.   Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week … Dogs learn CPR! 
This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s Roof:

Hello and Good Publishing Day to YOU.

WOWSA … it was hot, hot … oh so hot in my neck of the woods over the Labor Day long weekend. Denver registered the hottest temps on record, a blistering 100 degrees for early September. Quietly planned gatherings for John’s 88th birthday had to be moved indoors—just too hot for brunch/lunch get-togethers. And the air conditioning ran for two solid days—a rarity in my household. Yet, I see autumn will come … some of the tree leaves show signs of yellowing. It won’t be official until "I feel" the cold snap in the morning air—fat chance right now.

Meaning, that I had to be outside as dawn broke to trim, weed, and water pots to make it through the day. My squash patch has performed this summer. Loved the
zucchini bread that I added squashed bananas and cinnamon too—a huge thumbs up from all who enjoyed it. Jalapenos were harvested and incorporated into dishes that were created and frozen. And a visit to one of the many "popup" roasted pepper vendors that appear in later summer in empty street lots created a morning and after of aromas filling the house as a huge batch of green chile was created—again, batching into packages for freezing for the chilly winter to come!

In three days, dozens of authors will be immersed in the savvy strategies that Joan Stewart will bring to the Colorado author community. I sent out an eblast last week that its close. Joan arrives today for some prep work and some fun co-cooking with me—we are both foodies … plus she is going to help me with some of the final prep work for the Authors Hall of Fame.
Final shoutout … if you want Author Publicity and Influence success, you need to be at Saturday’s event with Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound. It’s an all day, deep dive for a limited number of authors. Are you one of them? Will you be selected for a hot seat? You won’t be unless you get registered. Do it NOW. Details on the Website,  

Saturday, September 14  - 5 p.m.
GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! ONLY 5 left (that’s out of 150 … we will be sold out for sure—don’t miss out.
We are in the 9-day countdown for the first Authors’ Hall of Fame. We’ve selected meal menus … interviews set up with the Denver Post and Westword that will roll out this week. The buzz builds …

Buzz building … it’s a step-by-step process and doesn’t happen on a whim or overnight. It takes planning and push. How are you doing with yours?

Come cruising with me. TWO cabins are left … is one yours? The 2020 Publishing at Sea cruise begins in Miami, FL on January 25, 2020.

The power of the "in-person" connecting with other authors is stratospheric. The support. The insights. The ahas that can just pop up and out.

The September Saturday AuthorYOU Salon will be held on Saturday, September 14th – join me at my home—we call it Casa Quatar! It starts at 8.30 am to 11.30—why, because it’s Induction day for the Authors Hall of Fame and yours truly has tons to do for prep.

The AuthorYOU Salons
if you are in Colorado—come for coffee or tea … it’s on me.It’s a perfect way to start your Saturday for author savvy and know-how. Details HERE.

August was packed … 20 were here! See you next week. Saturday, the 10th. Bring a snack to share … and some new socks that we donate to the homeless.

August was packed … 20 were here! See you next week. Saturday, the 14th. Bring a snack to share … and some new socks that we donate to the homeless. It starts at 8.30 a.m. Saturday only, lasting to 11.30. Why move it up an hour? Because I have to get to the Authors Hall of Fame hotel to do the FINAL setup for the big night … starting at 5 p.m.

Want Tips for Authoring and Publishing?This week on our podcast: AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, it’s all about writing the memoir that people will care about. Tips and tricks from author Lori Golden.
The next Unplugged is a new one: Book Marketing Unplugged. Book Marketing Unplugged! Want to morph your author and book life. Join me in June for two fun and deep-diving days at my annual Book Publishing Unplugged event.
The dates are October 18-19. The Hotel is the Hilton Inverness (nice!). October is beautiful in Denver and our classroom overlooks a small pond and golf course where you will be able to view the changing colors. Perfecto for learning, a bit of escape and spending two days with me. Space is always limited. Always new info—come!  Details below. The early bird registration is on and I expect this baby to sell out early.

Another heavy-duty writing week for me on a variety of projects. Plus, the prepping and execution of TWO big events this month.

JOIN the new AuthorYOU …

If you don’t, it’s a publishing boo-boo. AuthorYOU promises its members a lot and delivers more. And wait ‘til you see the bundle of goodies and discounts we are starting to post on the website for Members only. All will be up before the end of the month. Yup, it’s a good idea. Not a paid-up member? JOIN AuthorYOU today.    

JOIN AuthorYOU today.
And a heads up—hold the FIRST Saturday of each month for our live event meetings—

Author Tools – Have you created tip sheets for your marketing pushes?
You should … What are they? Simply this: short, single-page tips about your expertise. Such as … 10 ways to ….; 5 things you didn’t know about …; 7 ideas for better….  and you add your keywords to hook the reader.

Consider using a 5, 7 or 10 tip formula. Readers know that they can get through them quickly—if you have more … it’s a second tip sheet. Tip sheets are ideal for creating an Opt-in for your Home page. Also, for blogs and book marketing. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

Saturday, September 14
5 p.m.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  ONLY 5 left—don’t miss out.
What does the author of the Left Behind series, Jerry Jenkins, have in common with Stephen King, Margaret Coel, Helen Thorpe, Rex Burns, Louis L’Amour, Sybil Downing, Minnie Reynolds, W C Jameson, John Fielder, Mary Taylor Young, Kris Tualla, Georgy Cory Smith, John Dunning, Madeleine Albright, Joyce Meskis, Connie Willis, Jill Tietjen, Ann Zwinger, Clive Cussler, and Marilyn Van Derbur? They all are being inducted into the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, September 14, 2019. And, collectively, their total book sales would put FOUR books into the hands of every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Attendees will receive a signed poster created especially for the event by internationally recognized Colorado photographer John Fielder. I promise—it’s gorgeous—you will want to frame it.

The Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of living and passed authors that have been connected to Colorado—their words, wisdom, accomplishments and impact—so they are never forgotten.

21 AWESOME authors, all connected with Colorado will be featured. Be there … the energy (and fun) will be off the charts.

Celebrate with Colorado as we honor the words, the work, and the legacies of authors connected to Colorado in their writing or life—--space will be limited. Plan on attending:

Author Programs1 Spot Remainsis IT yours? It’s a Publicity Palooza!
Get Killer Press Releases and Hooks for You and Your Book
Joan Stewart!
Create a Killer Press Release
How to Create the Ultimate BOOK Hook

Saturday, September 7
Is the Publishing Plunge for you?

Last chance … I’m finalizing lunch tomorrow for attendees.
The day is broken into two key componets:

1. How to Write Killer Press Releases That Sell Books

2. Book Hooks: Fun, Timely, Compelling Angles for Pitching Your Book

The Book Marketing Unplugged is Coming … Early Bird Rates Up NOW … and don’t miss this!

Question: When should authors start marketing their books?
Answer: The day they start writing it.

Okay … so must authors don’t get a "pass" on this question. So, let’s reframe the question:

Question: When should authors start marketing their books?
Answer: NOW.

When your car begins to make an awful noise and just stops, you know you have a problem … right?

When your basement is flooded; when you noticed that there are watermarks on your ceiling; ,r that water is seeping through your window edges, you have a problem … right?

When your computer goes blank and doesn’t respond, you know you have a problem … right?

BUT … what about marketing your book? Do you have a problem? YOU DO, if you have ANY of these symptoms:

· There are people who would benefit from your book, and you aren’t connecting with them.

·  There are people who are interested in your topic or your genre and you haven’t reached out via social media to connect.

· There are people within social media that are interested in your topic and who aren’t engaging with you.

· There is a change you are focusing on that relates to the premise of your book … and others "don’t get it."

·  You are having difficulty persuading book buyers or your target market to buy your book.

· Your ideal/target market doesn’t connect with your reasoning, rationale, solutions, or storyline within your book.

· Your social media and email contacts are less than 1,000.

· You have engaged the "BB" gun approach to marketing—just aim anywhere; push it out to anyone at any time.

Do any of the above sounds like you? If yes, you have a marketing problem.

If that is you, then how much time are you spending working on a marketing solution? What are you investing in your time, energy and money to learn and create a plan that works? Savvy authors have learned that you cannot solve your marketing problem the next day by simply repeating what you did yesterday, last week, last month … or certainly, last year.

Solution: Attend and participate in the first annual The Book Shepherd’s Book Marketing Unplugged. Successful authors have learned and practice: if my book marketing success is to be … it’s up to me. Join Judith Briles for Book Marketing Unplugged this fall. It’s a two-day intensive with just Judith. And YES, there will be hot seats for each participant.

Date: October 18-19

Site: HILTON DENVER INVERNESS – 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, CO 80112


Come Cruise with Me!

Over 7 days fabulous days January 25 to February 1, 2020
Get ready to change your publishing and authoring life.

TWO staterooms left in our group

It’s a working, learning vacation on the fabulous Symphony of the Seas!
Create Your Ultimate Bestseller

Authors who need a crash course in book publishing before they write; need to create demand for books that aren’t selling; who want to learn the latest strategies in marketing, publicity and how to keep the sanity in an overwhelming world can learn the inside secrets of how to create, write and market the book success that they envision during a Caribbean cruise.
The "Create the Ultimate Bestseller at Sea!" cruise includes training sessions and laser coaching.

At sea, participants will attend intensive sessions on strategic book marking, distribution, publicity, professional speaking, social media and other topics important to creating a bestseller. They can also take advantage of laser coaching with the four experts. In port, participants are free to relax and enjoy the sites or just lounge around the massive ship that has something for everyone.

COME … there is limited space in our block.
Details at:

Hot podcasts slated for this month
You can always listen in via our websites:  (click on the On the Air image on the Home page—wait for it to upload. Or (click on the Resources tab).

Throughout September, Creating a Bestselling Memoir, Integrating with the Author Brand and Tips on How to Create a 1,000 order from Amazon with author Deb Sheppard; Casey Demchak will reveal how to create killer book marketing copy, Jules Mare will walk listeners through  using book awards to create a marketing campaign; and Sandra Bond will revisit the agent’s role for authors and publishing today. All happening throughout this month. ,

September 4 – Visualizing Tips for Creating a Bestseller with Deb Sheppard

September 11
– Creating a Killer Book Marketing copy, Part I with Casey Demchak

September 18 Creating a Killer Book Marketing copy, Part II with Casey Demchak

September 25
–Gathering and Using Book Awards to Market Your Book with Jules Mare

October 2
– Do you need (or want) a literary agent? with Sandra Bond

Questions of the Week:

Question: Can I use an ISBN I used on a book that is no longer available?

Answer: In a nutshell: nope. Once a title is published with an ISBN on it, the ISBN can never be used again. Even your old title is out of print and no longer available, the old ISBN cannot be reused. Why? Because the old title will continue to be cataloged by libraries and traded by used booksellers. When it’s been used … it’s used. Get a new number.
Book Shepherd "Fun" or an "Uh-Oh" of the Week

Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a sip of tea … and back to work—perfect. Watch a police dog jumps up and down on an agent's chest in mock CPR demonstration—

Get your copy today – Available in Print, eBook, Audiobook
You can pick my brain … minimum time is 30 minutes. If you need one-on-one-time with me, I’m always open for a few minutes to give you some quick input. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, many call and expect far more than a few minutes.

This is called a "consult" and I would be delighted to schedule time with you for "just you and your many questions" that need answers. You can book time with me it at:

Author Friendly Friday this week …

Join Author Friendly Fridays: a fun, sharing and a dynamic closed group. You can join in the next week. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And, I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition.

It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Zoom.

This is how each call starts: I share a few strategies, tips and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. Definitely an excellent way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

Here’s the link to take advantage of it and subscribe:  

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That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?
About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd

Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd
has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements. What’s her pet peeve? Two words: publishing predators.

She hosts the podcast AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing that generates over 100,000 downloads a month. Her website is www.TheBookShepherd, email: and phone: 303-885-2207.

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