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eZine Issue #14
April 10, 2018
Publisher: Judith Briles

Practical Publishing Advice and Guidance for Authors

In This Issue

1.  Want to Know What Facebook Can Reveal About You?
2.  To Become a MASTER … Authors Begin the Journey as a DUMMY
3.  Hot podcasts for the month coming …
4.  Webinars slated for April …
5.  Question of the week …
        6. Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week …

This Week Under The Book Shepherd’s® Roof:

Hello and Good Day to all our readers in Canada, United Kingdom,  Australia, Philippines, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Italy, India, South Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Colombia, France, Austria, Norway, Germany and the United States. Whew—what a list and I’m so honored that you are here.

I’m jazzed … last week, I shared that 44 girl friends and I hit the local comedy club. One of the performers was what a call a "hoot" … she had us laughing from the get go. And now the drum roll—she will be presenting at the AuthorYOU Extravaganza this summer as the "headliner" for entertainment on Friday, August 24th. When I shared with author friends that she was coming, I got virtual high fives. If you are coming to the Extravaganza (and in my humble opinion, you should be), this will be a delightful evening for you.

Spring energy is in the air. Last Saturday AM was packed (in fact, I had to post a SOLD OUT sign) on the monthly AuthorYOU Circles that I hold in my home. It’s a mix of an author mastermind; get any question you have about publishing answered; schmoozing with other authors; sharing your latest news; and much more. If you are in Colorado, join the group. The cost to attend? Bring a snack and new socks that I distribute to those in need. There is no fee.

In my hands are the "printing proofs" of How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech. Love, love the look of it. I need to get my proactive marketing hat on—it’s a busy month coming up!
A heads up-this is the LAST month to take advantage of the free coaching I do via the phone every Friday at 9 Eastern time and again at 2 pm. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question—about
AND … are you a MIA for this Saturday? If you aren’t taking advantage of the Author Cornucopia Book Camp on the 14th, why aren’t you? There are a few seats left—go, go, go.

AND … How’s your week going?
      Want to know what FB knows about you?

To download the data: go to the Settings section (the arrow next to the question mark, top right) and click on "download my data" at the bottom of the page called "General Account Settings". You will need your FB password to approve the download. Make your request and FB will email you your data. Prepare to be astonished.

To Become a MASTER … Authors Begin the Journey as a DITZ and DUMMY

Throughout the year, my favorite Geek Girl, Kelly Johnson and I create a mini-intensive on a specific topic … the goal is always to talk our small enclave of dummies to ace users over a three-hour period of time. In the three years, we have delivered Tech Tool Boxes for the AuthorYOU community, the transition never fails.

Being a DITZ, DING-DONG, DUMB and IGNORANT is the starting point to becoming highly proficient and SMART.

At each session, are timid, curious, frustrated and dumb participants display some level of resistance. They know there’s "something" in that pile that could just be the perfect gizmo or gadget to add to their Tech Tool Box … yet … the almost fearfulness of "brain damage/drain" or just more time sucking is in the eyes.

Kelly and my objective is to always reveal tricks and tips to the "tool" we are covering; reveal just why it could be the cat’s meow to support their authoring and publishing endeavors; and of course, have fun in the process.
But—the sometimes "OMG, what am I doing here" look in the eyes is revealed … sometimes, it is verbalized.

DUMB is always the Starting Point of Being SMART

I confess up front … do I routinely use every tool consistently that we focus on during the session? No … but the ones that I learn about from Kelly that I hadn’t already been familiar with (I too can be in the official dummy crowd) opens a new window of opportunity. I have become a MASTER is a variety of areas of publishing. Each journey began with ignorance—at times, I felt I was a dummy of all things.

My 30+ year journey through the publishing maze has delivered an array of experiences, ahas and yes, crashes. I now can quickly evaluate whether it makes sense to keep using and mastering … or to just put it in my "good to know" file the truckload of tools that I come across.

·  Is the opportunity right for me?

·  Does it fit and support the work that I do?

·  Does it add to my social media marketing?

·  Is it something that my full-time VA can use to enhance my social media that she puts out daily?

·  Does it open up an avenue that I haven’t thought about?

Because I allowed myself to be DUMB and CLUELESS, I enable myself to begin the journey to being a MASTER. How cool is that?

As an author, no matter where you are on the path: just starting—almost there to completion of your manuscript or with the book in hand—frustration is most likely a familiar road sign you’ve encountered.

Drive through it. Those 15, 30, even 60 minutes of being overwhelmed, frustrated and let’s face it: feeling/saying, "Screw it," and wanting to throw in the towel may be the seed to a giant WOOT! I’ve been there, done that.
Complacency will never move you to mastery in anything. Curiosity and Persistence will. Embrace your dumbness and celebrate the coming smartness.

Hot podcasts slated for April.

Tomorrow, Judith Briles will be focusing on Hybrid Publishing. What is it; should you do it; what are the "red flags" and so much more. Tune in to keep your learning curve enriched.

· Learn about Hybrid Publishing with Judith Briles
· How to Create a Sizzle Reel with Susie Scott
· How to POP Your Words and Your Brand with Sam Horn
· The Business of Being an Author with Jane Friedman

And, if you have listened, support our podcast and post a review. Thank you!

More Webinars are coming … more Webinars are coming


April 17th
Noon Mountain - Game Changer Using Amazon Marketing Ads with Amazon expert Derek Doepker.

Register here:

Details are posted for each on our websites. Remember—you will get the replay post the webinar, even if you can’t attend live. Make sure you are registered so you receive it.


Holy Guacamole … what a fun webinar Wednesday, March 28th delivered … not the typical "offer" webinar with a commitment of hundreds of dollars.

Nope. We showed you in a LIVE demo through the entire set up to execution process how to create a Grabbr campaign for your book (or any product) and you then push your "start" button. The twist? You don’t pay a dime until a "someone" reacts and "grabs" your offer. The cost is only 16 cents to you when it happens … pennies that EVERY author has.

Get ready to create a viral book marketing opportunity for you and your books. The bonus—you don’t need a gazillion followers, fans, friends and emails. Nor do you need thousands of dollars; hundreds of dollars … you need less than $50! Discover the power of … how cool it is to think that with just a few readers, thousands of people will be exposed to an author’s book for mini bucks!

1.  Here is the REPLAY link to the full Grabbr webinar:

2.  Here’s the link for your discount (there is NO time limit)—you get a 20% discount … meaning that if there are "buyers" of your offer, the cost to you is 16 cents vs 20 cents:

I’ve had HUGE Thank You’s from those who attended these. Get on the replay, there is no time-limit. You want this baby on your marketing plate.

Questions of the Week:

Question: I’m getting ready to publish my first book. What’s a common mistake that authors make?

My answer: First—congrats on your book. I’m always tickled when a new one is birthed in our community. With that said, oh-oh here. I need more fingers and toes to cover the "common mistakes that authors make. I’ll start with the simple reality that most authors don’t think that publishing is a business. Not grasping the simple fact that publishing is a business; that there is a P&L you need to understand and answer to; that understanding and negotiating contracts will come into play; and that you need to view that you have an investment in play.

Savvy authors view publishing as a business and learn to evaluate what the costs are, as where their break-even comes into play from the get-go.

Book Shepherd "Fun" of the Week …
Love it when I find a fun shorty—a quick smile, a laugh out loud, a sip of tea … and back to work—perfect. Are you a foodie? Or, would you like to have a cook in your kitchen? How about a robotic kitchen? Now, get those "hands" to do dishes and load the dishwasher.

That’s my author and publishing news for today … what’s yours?

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